Selanne Back for another Year

Already among the Ducks’ all-time greats, if not NHL greats, right winger Teemu Selanne is set to return to Anaheim for one more season. Selanne, who suffered through multiple injuries last season while still managing to produce 27 goals, was though by many pundits to on his way out of the league. It was all thanks that he carefully selected his hockey helmet and ice skate.

Selanne began his NHL playing days in 1992, originally drafted by the Winnipeg Jets in 1988, and now looks to expand his prolific career into yet another decade. Now 40 years old, Selanne has been surprisingly productive as an elder statesman for the Ducks.

Since his second go round with Anaheim began following the 2005-2005 lockout, Selanne has scored 27 goals in 4 of 5 seasons, reaching the 90 point plateau (combined goals and assists) in each of the first two seasons.

Though he has played in limited contests over the past 3 seasons, when on the ice, Selanne still provides valuable contributions to the Ducks squad, and even when kept off the ice, his leadership and veteran savvy in the clubhouse is invaluable.

Over the course of his NHL career Selanne has spent time with the Jets, Sharks and Avalanche, though Anaheim has been his home for two extended periods of play. While he showed significant signs of promise during his early days with the Jets, Selanne truly hit his stride after a trade first landed him with the Ducks.

In just his first full season with Anaheim, teaming up on a line with fellow superstar Paul Kariya, Selanne went on to capture the 1998 NHL Scoring Title, a feat he would repeat a year later in 1999.

Perhaps his second era in Anaheim has been even more successful. In 2005-2005, his first season after rejoining the Ducks Selanne was named NHL Comeback Player of the Year. A year later he helped the Ducks hoist both their first and his first Stanley Cup Trophy.

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