Project Penner

As I started reading Brian Burke’s first public words about this Dustin Penner signing, I started to think why is this such a big deal. Everything I read has this notion that the Ducks need to sign Penner, they need to know if the two stars are going to retire, that way we can get Dustin signed.

Sorry, he isn’t worth $4.3m right now. The stats have been posted, Earl Sleek over at the BoC did some great number crunching as usual and even came up with a pounds per dollar sum, lol. It is crazy to think that Penner would get paid that much money, given his rocky road to get to this level.

I am not one to believe in things like your placement in the draft should dictate your salary, your play on the ice should. He had a great rookie year, no doubt, but why did he have such a rough trek to the NHL?

From watching him play all year, he sometimes has a lazy mentality, but all the tools to dominate. Who is that big with such good hands? He dishes, he scores and he is fucking huge. Randy Carlyle has put him in the dog house a few times for what was reportedly not giving 100% and showing up late.

Dude, stop living on the beach, you should be showing your teammates and the executives that you are committed to the cause. I think if he had done that all season, gone out and been a terror in front of the net and punished people, Burke would have an easier decision to make.

If a possessed Penner shows up every game, you have to look at what John Leclair, Keith Tkachuk and even our very own Todd Bertuzzi have done in the past. Leclair had three 50 goal seasons in a row, Tkachuk had two and Bertuzzi peaked at 46. Dustin Penner is younger, bigger and more talented than any of those three.

So Burke has to question all of this. Does he take a big risk on a player that has literally limitless possibilities and jeopardize the stability of his team or does he take draft picks in what is said to be a deep draft in 08? The more and more I wrote here, the more I think that he needs to take a risk on this kid.

This might crush the return of Teemu Selanne, even if Niedermayer retires. So thank you Kevin Lowe, you stupid prick, you have created a really stupid trend. Every RFA with similar or beyond numbers is going to want the same inflated, baseless contract that you tendered to Penner.

This also flies into the territory of bumping up the salaries of Ryan Getlaf and Corey Perry next year, when you know someone will easily offer Getzlaf $5m+. Todd Bertuzzi needs to come off the books already and he hasn’t even played a game for the team…

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