Long Time No Type

Yea, it has been forever and a few weeks since I last posted something here, been kind of busy and haven’t even watched too much hockey. It is a far cry from last year, but I guess since they won, I don’t have that itch like I did.

Just like the Angels in 2002 and I don’t watch any baseball now. It is different with hockey though, so I do not worry about it.

Really, what I have been doing is waiting, waiting for my new platform to be developed. WordPress is nice and all, but it takes too much rigging to get things to work well, so I have moved on to Joomla! Joomla will allow me to have the community site I have wanted since last year and I wont have to tear apart PHP code, these really smart people already did that.

So I have a small preview of what the front page is going to look like when it is all said and done. Not much to look at really, but it’s all about what lies beneath and beyond the front page.

Ugh, what a let down huh? I created that banner myself and had a little bit of help from my buddy Jason, he made Selanne and the Cup glow a little bit. My Photoshop skills reflect my freehand skills. Limited is the nicest word I can come up with, other than suck. Patience is a virtue and I am waiting for things to come along with Joomla, those guys are almost done.

As for the team…

George Parros officially has more points than he has shots on goal. When you get stats like that, you know that the team will pull out of its early funk. Just need to get everyone healthy, then it is time to steam roll. A deserved salute to Brad May for taking on Booger.

His punch last year was cheap and he is still a dick, but he owned up. And to anyone saying he just hung on, shut up. Why don’t they just “hang on” to Boogard and see how many fractured bones their face endures before slipping into a coma.

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