How the Mighty Ducks Were Started

If you got your television through then you might have seen the Mighty Ducks movies. Ever wondered how the actual team started?

The Anaheim Ducks were founded by The Walt Disney Company in 1993. The team was known as the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim – the film, “The Mighty Ducks,” was released by the company in 1992 – until the club’s name was changed in 2006 a year after Disney sold the team.

The highlight of the club’s history came on June 6, 2007, when Anaheim won its first Stanley Cup. Fans enjoyed watching when the Ducks completed a 4-1 Stanley Cup Finals victory with a 6-2 win that evening.

Anaheim also had an outstanding playoff run in 2003 as the Mighty Ducks fell just one win short of claiming their first Stanley Cup. A convincing 5-2 home win for the Ducks in game six that forced a seventh game in the series was an exciting moment for those at the arena.

Anaheim first made the Stanley Cup Playoffs in its fourth attempt. The Mighty Ducks knocked off the Phoenix Coyotes in a memorable seven-game series in 1997 before getting swept by the Detroit Red Wings in the following round.

The Anaheim Ducks have played in the Honda Center throughout the club’s entire history. The facility was named the Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim from 1993-2006. Anaheim is a perfect 6-0 in Stanley Cup Finals games played in the facility.

Anaheim fans exploded in celebration at the end of two consecutive games when the Mighty Ducks won games three and four of the 2003 Finals in sudden-death overtime.


The Anaheim Ducks Give Back To The Community

For fans of the Anaheim Ducks, not only do you have a great sports team to cheer for on the ice, but they are a great organization which is always constantly giving back to the community and the fans, in every way possible, in order to show their graditude for the fans support.

Whether they are holding a summer camp to teach the local children in clinics and hold games, or whether they are holding a fund raising event for a specific charity organization, both the players and coaches, and the entire anaheim ducks franchise is always giving back to their local community.

As a matter of fact, the NHL, teams, players and coaches, all work together in order to help the local individuals in each of their communities and to show that charity and assisting those in need, is something that all members of the community should do.

So, whether you are just a fan of the NHL and the ducks, or whether you are also keen on their charitable donations, and the work they do in the local community, all fans living in anaheim, california, have something to cheer about when they are rooting for the ducks and the organization.


Long Time No Type

Yea, it has been forever and a few weeks since I last posted something here, been kind of busy and haven’t even watched too much hockey. It is a far cry from last year, but I guess since they won, I don’t have that itch like I did.

Just like the Angels in 2002 and I don’t watch any baseball now. It is different with hockey though, so I do not worry about it.

Really, what I have been doing is waiting, waiting for my new platform to be developed. WordPress is nice and all, but it takes too much rigging to get things to work well, so I have moved on to Joomla! Joomla will allow me to have the community site I have wanted since last year and I wont have to tear apart PHP code, these really smart people already did that.

So I have a small preview of what the front page is going to look like when it is all said and done. Not much to look at really, but it’s all about what lies beneath and beyond the front page.

Ugh, what a let down huh? I created that banner myself and had a little bit of help from my buddy Jason, he made Selanne and the Cup glow a little bit. My Photoshop skills reflect my freehand skills. Limited is the nicest word I can come up with, other than suck. Patience is a virtue and I am waiting for things to come along with Joomla, those guys are almost done.

As for the team…

George Parros officially has more points than he has shots on goal. When you get stats like that, you know that the team will pull out of its early funk. Just need to get everyone healthy, then it is time to steam roll. A deserved salute to Brad May for taking on Booger.

His punch last year was cheap and he is still a dick, but he owned up. And to anyone saying he just hung on, shut up. Why don’t they just “hang on” to Boogard and see how many fractured bones their face endures before slipping into a coma.


Posting While Drunk – The Prequel

This is probably a bad idea, Knob Creek seems to be no joke, but who really reads this anyway right? Who really cares, I will write a post just to spite myself.

I should start by saying something about the signings the Ducks have made, that would be the best part. First off, Brian Burke has started to sign a lot of guys with NHL experience who spend most of their time in the AHL this year, just in case someone gets hurt.

This is a good idea, because we do not need to trade for Ric Jackman in the middle of the season and have him play horrible defense in the playoffs, then score one goal and be a hero, now do we. So a big thumbs up to Burkie for doing that, way to think ahead, way to think that your two Norris defenders are not invincible.

Now on to the good signings that we have made.

First we start with the man protecting the net. Jean Sebastian Giguere should officially retire an Anaheim Duck. This man is 100% class, he is a family man and he gives you everything he has without sugar-coating a thing.

Giguere says the right things to the media without coming off as a douche bag, praises his teammates and loves being an Anaheim Duck. What more can you ask for? He also took a huge discount to play for the Ducks.

I think the doctors and Francois Allaire had a very small part to do with his decision, but I believe the biggest reason was that he felt management did him right and the team has a chance to be good for a couple of years at least. Thank you J.S. and thank you Brian Burke, you made the right decision.

Let us move on to Mathieu Schneider, the heir apparent to the impossible. Not since Elvis Grbac in San Francisco has a single player had to replace such a integral part of team.

Welcome to Anaheim Matt. Grbac did a really shitty job when he was with the 49ers, I really hope that Schneider doesn’t have the same fate. I am not too familiar with him to be honest. My buddy, who happens to be a Kings fan (I know, I know…”buddy”) says that he was upset when the Kings traded Schneider to the Red Wings, so that makes me think he is a decent player.

Being 38 scares me a little bit, but so does Chris Chelios and he almost as old as my dad. So let me say that I think #23 will stop the bleeding if Scott Niedermayer retires, but will not heal the wound.

Now on to my favorite signing, Todd Bertuzzi. I am pretty sure I ragged on him when the Ducks were playing Detroit in the WCF, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like the guy. In fact, I am a big fan of Todd Bertuzzi. I was hoping that Burke traded for him two years ago, but that never happened.

What he did to Steve Moore was down right vicious, he should probably be in jail or should have been, but he isn’t. I base everything on the here and now. Todd Bertuzzi is here in Anaheim and now has a chance to help out the club I cheer for.

Funny how a change in uniform can change your opinion on a guy huh? Not really, he scared me in Detroit, if he played big, the Ducks would have probably lost that series. I will go out on a limb and say that Todd Bertuzzi has a productive season and flirts with 80 points 2008.

But Burke over paid for him, that is for sure. He should have said here is $2,000,000, if you want $4,000,000, go get some points. Nothing drives an athlete like money.

I wont say much on the retirement issues. I think they both retire honestly, with Scott Niedermayer the most likely to return. Teemu Selanne accomplished what he wanted to, he has no contractual obligation to come back and I think his age, with his family, will play a big role.

Both men have nothing to prove, Selanne is one of the best European players to ever lace them up and I will let Niedermayer’s resume speak the volumes it already has. I will be very sad when Selanne says he is officially done, he has been my favorite player since 1993, he radiates class.

I was very honored to have my picture taken with him and to play a couple hands of blackjack with the man, he really is as charismatic as he seems.

Until next time folks, it is midnight and my eyes are getting really heavy. Deftones was the only thing to keep me awake while I wrote all this.