With Pick 12 the Anaheim Ducks Select

Cam Fowler, Defenseman, Windsor (OHL) By most accounts, the Ducks landed a steal when Cam Fowler was still on the board with the 12th pick in the first round. In fact, the Ducks didn’t even take the time to interview Fowler at the NHL Draft Combine, assuming he would be long gone by the time their pick came around.

Most forecasters predicted Fowler to be among the first 5 players selected on draft night; however, after a number of surprising picks, perhaps none more surprising than the Rangers selection of Moosejaw’s Dylan McIlrath, a fellow defenseman, ahead of Fowler, the Ducks found an unexpected present had fallen into their laps.

When a relieved Cam Fowler finally heard his name called after a few more minutes passed than most anticipated, a symbolic moment occurred on stage when retired Ducks defenseman great Scott Niedermayer handed the young fellow his inaugural (though ceremonial) Ducks jersey.

Fowler, hopefully the next premiere defenseman for the Ducks, seemed understandably awe-struck after meeting Neidermayer, a player he grew up emulating. Of the draft day slide, Fowler admitted the slide was tough at the time, though all-in-all Ducks fans will be happy to hear him acknowledge “I’m in a great organization happy to have me.

At the end of the day, that’s all that really matters.”Though born in Windsor, Ontario, Fowler spent the majority of his youth living in Michigan. Fowler has dual citizenship in both the US and Canada, but has played for the United States National Team in the World Junior Championship at both the Under-18 and Under 20 levels, taking home the gold medal in both contests.

The 18-year old spent this past season playing for the Windsor Spitfires in the OHL, where he netted 8 goals while helping on 47 assists, tallying 55 points in just 55 games. Prior to the draft, he was generally touted as one of the better offensive defenseman prospects to enter the league in recent years.


What To Expect At A Ducks Game

The ice comes alive as you feel the raw emotion and strength of the crowd and the game hasn’t even started yet. Being at an Anaheim Ducks game is like nothing you have ever experienced.

With the best fans in the National Hockey League the Anaheim Ducks are ready to take all comers and as a fan you should be ready for an experience unrivaled by any other sporting event you have ever been to. You will be blown away by the passion the fans display. The Anaheim Ducks are ready to show you why they are the best team in the league; are you prepared to watch them?

With every check into the wall the fervor of the crowd grows stronger, threatening to overflow into a full blown frenzy. It is not possible to sit in the stands at an Anaheim Ducks game and not get swept up in the emotion of the crowd.

Are you ready to stand with your fellow Ducks and support your team? Have you practiced the “Bro Hymn” for every goal? Can you handle to passion that builds with ever hit and check? Find out by going to an Anaheim Ducks game this season!


Duck’s Go To Bat For Sick Kids

Satellite TV service gives you access to great NHL games throughout the season. If you were watching one particular game in March 2011, you might have seen a special event.

Tommy Conforti is just like many other children. Tommy is from Florence, Italy, where he loved to play soccer, loved surfing, was a great student getting straight A’s and has recently learned to play ballads on an acoustic guitar. However, Tommy has a huge difference. He has leukemia which is robbing him of his eyesight, causing him a lot of pain, and may in the end take his life.

However, none of that mattered on Monday, March 14, 2011 as he got to be the hero in the Duck’s losing effort against the Vancouver Canucks. That night Tommy got to attend his first hockey match and was treated like a king for the night. He got to drop the puck, ride the Zamboni and visit the locker room after the game.

For five years now the team has been huge supporters of the Children’s Hospital of Orange County. In the past they have raised 400,000 for the hospital. 45 of the 75 players have made visits to the hospital. Many of the players visit the hospital on their own time, without any cameras rolling. The players are not the only ones that get involved. Their wives do, too. For the last five years they have held a fashion show each year, which has turned into a very popular community event.